Christina Lin Photography | The Studio is coming to downtown West Palm Beach this October!

It's 12:05. Midnight. I have turned off work today to spend time with my 3 lovely crazies before they begin school on Monday. Jake was our DJ as we drove to our destinations. Finished up school shopping.  Played referee in breaking up their 11th argument. And fed them numerous times. I swear they eat all day in the summer. But trying to hold the sanity. For this will be the last summer I spend this much time with them. Bittersweet.

At 7:25 p.m. - I began my work day. I sit here, taking deep breaths and cannot believe how this summer is ending. A name change, a full re-brand and a new website...

What else could I take on?

In my 5 year plan, a studio space was always a dream - never thinking it would be a reality for this girl. A sacred little place that was my own to consult, to photograph, to show, to design, to host events, to bring community together. I began doing some research on local areas - read about the market and future growth in specific towns, visited and walked the areas to get a true feel of each possibility. I narrowed it down and knew I wanted and hoped to be in the artsy, historic downtown West Palm Beach area.

One Sunday morning, we headed downtown. The entire family got involved and we peeked into windows with lease signs, took pictures, wrote down phone numbers. We were dreamin'! The kids gave me their opinions on certain spaces. It was quite sweet to listen to their reasoning. They actually gave me great advice on things I hadn't even thought of. I loved hearing their perspective on tiny details.

Weeks went by, many thoughts going through my mind. As this Could. Maybe. Possibly. Be in my future. Terrifying and exciting at the same time.

There was a specific spot I had been eyeing. I decided to stop by after a family session I had just completed. Walked into a lovely, local store and spoke with the owner. She gave me some wonderful advice, then pointed out that the property owner was outside. Met and spoke with him for a bit - more great advice. All around positive interactions and even better - a feeling of great intuition.

Weeks went by. After many lengthy and detailed discussions, my husband and I decided this was right. I made the call. The lease was sent to me. I reviewed. I prayed real hard. I was about to sign. Within an hour of all that happening, I got a call. A better space had just become available with the same property owner. A space with more pedestrian and drive by traffic. A space I had less build out to complete. A space that was the right size. A space that was meant to be. A space I could not be happier to call The Studio. {BIG Sigh & tears.}

In October, my overfilled home studio will be moving to 421 South Olive Avenue - in the historic Gardenia Building - West Palm Beach, FL 33401. This will be a place of light, calm, peace, love, happiness, new friendships built and community - a place where many memories will be made. Stay with me on this ride as I complete the biggest career project of my life. Follow me on Instagram to watch the transformation @christinalinphotography. Sign up for the newsletter to learn about updates, grand opening and specials.

" And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.

But the greatest of these is love." 1 Corinthians 13:13