Headshots | Personal Branding Sessions | Downtown West Palm Beach Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer

Hi friends!

I've been a little MIA with blogging. Have worked the schedule to spend some beloved time with my three kiddos this summer. 2 of the 3 still want me around. My oldest only seems to want me around when he needs hair products, food or money. We started off in June completing some big home projects-lots of rain! In July, we had family visit followed by a getaway with just us-lots of pool and beach time! Here we are in August. It's true what my parents always say-time moves so much faster as you get older. I feel super blessed for these moments, but will not lie...some days I had to lock myself in a bathroom for a few, go to a 5:30am Orange Theory class, take a drive or a shopping trip alone in the evening. Summer 2017-it's been great, but have to say goodbye next week! 

Time to get back on track and start some projects. First up. Headshots and Personal Branding sessions!

Are you an iPhone photo junkie that believes your selfie suffices for a professional shot? Think again-lol! Are you in search of a job? Do you own a business, manage a website? Do your images represent your brand? Have you taken the time to hire a professional photographer to capture your best? I'm rarely on LinkedIn, however over the last couple of weeks I have been navigating through. One of the first things I noticed were the lack of professional profile pictures. 

You may ask. Why are professional headshot/personal branding images so important in this digital world we live in? Here's why...

You only get ONE chance to make a first impression. When it comes to your online presence, you are relying heavily on your profile photo for this impression. It helps to define who you are and how you want to be perceived by others. This applies especially on your LinkedIn profile photo as well as all of your other social media platforms and business website. In this day, whether you're a senior in high school, a model, an actor/actress, chef, architect, interior designer, executive, attorney, nurse, architect, doctor, the list goes on - just about everyone needs a professional headshot!

If I happen to be speaking to you-let's collaborate and do this! These short and painless sessions (I promise) will be happening on Thursday, August 24 from 1-3pm and Saturday, August 26 from 1-3pm at the studio. Help me understand your profession or brand and let's equate it with some kick a-- images! These are 20 minute, solo portrait, natural light, in studio sessions. What does it include? Pre-consultation-email or phone conversation to understand your profession/brand, discuss wardrobe/styling, 1 outfit, photography time, post production (clean edits) to make you look your very best, 2 final digital images each in color and black/white delivered via digital download. Please allow up to 14 business days for final edits. Total investment is $165. To book or if you are looking for a longer, more detailed session with outfit changes, please contact me for more information at christina@christinalinphotography.com. If you'd rather chat live, call 561.951.5024.