what type of sessions are offered?

Maternity, newborn, children, seniors, family, in home documentary style & personal branding are the various photography services offered.  Maternity sessions are best photographed between 32-35 weeks of pregnancy. Newborn sessions are best photographed 5-21 days after birth. For more detailed information, please use the contact tab to connect and communicate. 


When I photograph your child or your family, I look to capture each of your unique personalities – your true soul. The expressions only the closest to you have seen. Things may be done a little differently than what you're use to. My goal is for the images I create to be treasured works of art that are enjoyed by your family for years to come. To me, photos of your loved ones are the most important luxury we could ever own. When a family passes on, the first thing we look for is photos of that special person. When our children are grown, we will be grateful for all of the moments we were able to preserve, freeze and cherish through the magic of photography. There is nothing more I love than making my clients happy!

great, now what?

First, the planning session. I always consult with my clients to discuss your ideas, vision and how we will work together on your session. We will discuss how the session will flow, what to expect, how to prepare, overall style along with policy/procedures. I will also show you the different products offered as well as various way to display your wall art. Everyone has a unique style-I will help you find the perfect products for your home. I am choosy on the professional products I offer. All art products are of the highest grade in quality.



What is your main purpose for this photo session? How would you like to be photographed? Is it to capture a milestone moment in your child or family's life? Will the focus be on one family member or is it to get that one family image that represents all of you to display in your family room? How and where do you plan on displaying your art? If you don't have a plan yet - that's ok! I am here to help. We will discuss a design concept and work from there. It's a great idea to begin thinking of what inspires you – colors, texture, style. Make a Pinterest board and share it with me.



I love getting to know your child/children's personalities. I want to know everything about them - it's your time to brag. Tell me what makes them happy, sad, what makes them laugh, their quirks, their fears, their favorite things to do or play with. Are they shy, quiet, artsy, bold, full of energy? Please share with me! The more I understand or know about your little one, the better I can find his/her true beauty and essence. Even if your newborn is coming in, you will already have a feel for their personality - I want to know!

How many images can I expect in my gallery?

For a newborn mini session, I will do my best to calm/soothe him/her as best as I can. Your newborn guides the session. I follow baby's ques. You should expect approximately 10-12 images in your gallery. For all regular sessions, you can expect no less than 25 images in your gallery. 



I can't wait to meet you and your family. Let's create works of art for your family's visual history.