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Newborn babies, to me, is one of the most challenging and rewarding genres to photograph. When I first started I said to myself, how difficult can it be? They sleep, don't talk back or run around. You feed them, rock them and they go back to sleep. Right? NOPE.

After photographing over 2000 babies these last 3 years in the hospital and in studio, I have really learned these tiny things quite well. They have so many similar qualities, yet are each uniquely their own. 

Newborn Session Facts: Almost every newborn that gets into my hands pees or poops on me within the first 10 minutes. Parents sometimes feel terrible, but it's part of our daily as newborn photographers. Don't feel bad. I wear black or dark clothing with these sessions and usually Athleta pants that dry quickly. What you have planned with posing many times gets thrown out the window, so you quickly get creative and flow with babies ques. Safety and patience is a requirement in this job. Parents are a bit shocked when I say a full session will easily last up to 3 hours. It goes fast and you'll easily see why during your session. 

I am in love with the perfectly imperfect. A perfect portrait is what we strive for, but how a newborn moves, stretches, cries, yawns - those are real moments. Life moments. Beautiful moments that we rapidly forget, but want to remember. Why not document both?

Newborn Session Training/Workshops: The countless number of hours we have spent on learning newborn anatomy, posing, temperature, wrapping, safety, soothing, overall techniques setting up props, lighting, camera settings, editing, etc. is constant and never ending. We are giddy when we get to learn! We love newborns SO much that we would go to every workshop available to us if we could! 

Newborn Props: This is a huge problem. It is extremely ADDICTIVE! We provide our tiny clients super cute outfits, wraps, flokatis, fluff, fleece, bowls, buckets, blankets, headbands, bonnets. They are all handmade, many of them come from Europe and we wait weeks before receiving them. A typical newborn setup costs anywhere from $150-$200 - the backdrop, outfit, wrap, bowl, fluff, fleece, headband, bonnet. And we die when we get to use them! After all, these are fleeting moments that in a blink of an eye are over - they should look as cute as possible. We want that for you as parents! 

Personal Facts: I've always loved babies since I was a little girl. I wanted 10 kids and told my Mom and Grandmother this constantly as a child. Then, I became an adult and the reality of that hit. Since working in the hospital, I have all required immunizations that follow the guidelines for OB medical staff. Never ever did I imagine as a kid or young adult that I would be doing this as a career...but WHAT a dream!

Maternity sessions are best completed between 32-35 weeks. Newborns are best photographed 5-21 days after birth - the earlier the better. Maternity sessions can be added to a newborn session (a discount will apply). Book early to ensure your date is available. 

If you are a soon to be Mama, there are 2 newborn session packages available. A Newborn Mini Session - a shorter session with just baby and the Signature Newborn session which lasts up to 3 hours and includes baby, parents and siblings (if you wish). I am all about printing your memories. Digital are great and are included in packages, but there is nothing like physically holding onto your family art. A print/product is included in each package. Consultations are complimentary. I do love chatting with clients, so please feel free to call at 561. 951. 5024.  If you are a bit shy and prefer to communicate via email, use the contact tab to get in touch (Email:

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