Welcome to the new home of Christina Lin Photography!

Hello and Welcome to my new home.

The bright light at the end of the tunnel is here! Early on it was difficult to envision how an idea in your mind would translate onto a website. The look, the words, the details. Many hours, late nights & weeks have passed by to bring me here. Project completed.

I admit. I am bad at blogging. It's a big goal of mine to improve.

Here's how it began.

So, I knew this summer would consist of catching up - admin work, making adjustments, new product offerings, updating the old website and some breathing time. I did not expect to undergo a name change (formerly Photography by Christina Lin), a full re-brand and a completely new website. This was most definitely not in my plan. I was ready to soak in some relaxation, enjoy time with the kids, have a bit of a lazy summer to rejuvenate and brainstorm on some new, creative ideas.

Well. God had a different plan for me.

One late night in May, I was scrolling through Instagram. A post from Emma Rose Company appeared. She caught my attention. I began looking through her feed and felt an immediate connection. She was real. Her words were beautiful. She made me think. Think HARD. A few days later I contacted her. And a week later we were working together. She was different. She cared and wanted to gain a much deeper understanding of me before she started. She wasn't just throwing a website together. I filled out pages and pages of Q&A that weren't all required, however it would benefit both of us if I dug deep within and shared my heart and soul - my why, what, where & how. It took many, many hours and late nights to think through these questions that I have not thought through in a long while or ever at all. And ya' know what - this is exactly what I needed. It was a big push to make me better - to give me a clear, concise picture of why I do what I do - it defined my business.

I want you to understand and "know" me before you send the contact button. I do my best to be transparent, to be real - that's the only way I know. I am perfectly imperfect. Life is tough. Life is fun. Life is tears. Life is belly laughs. Life is fear. Life is pretty. Life is sleepy. Life is messy. Life is full of expression. Life is blessings. Life is wonder. And I love capturing ALL of that. As you navigate through this site - this labor of love, I hope you feel a little something through words or imagery. Believe and trust your intuition, be still and listen to the soft voices that speak to you throughout your day. My tiny dream has grown a little each day to be fuller, more purposeful, filled with love - bigger than I ever imagined. And this is me 5 years later - in 2016.

I thank you for visiting, for taking time to read this first blog. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new look. I hope to meet you & your family one day soon. Please join the list to stay connected with me. XO!



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